Thursday, December 15, 2016

National Strawberry Survey

Strawberry growers, please take some time to fill out this survey. It will help a large group of strawberry researchers and extension personnel develop a grant.

Fore a bit more detail:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

North American Bramble Growers RFP

Caneberry Researchers:

It is an exciting time in the caneberry world as production continues to grow. With the growth, there is an increasing need for research to optimize the growth of this demanding crop. Do you need some $ to get a project started? Here is your opportunity for some seed money...

The RFP for the 2017 North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association is out, see the link below. The deadline for this years proposal is Dec 21, 2017 (one more thing to add to your list of year end proposals and reports). Please pass this on to others at your institutions that may be interested (entomologists, pathologists, weedologists, post harvest, food scienctists, economists). I have tried to include some of their names in the email above, but it is not complete, especially if you are not on the south/east coast. 

Note, although the NARBA meeting is taking place next week, the NABG RF (the research arm of NARBA) is not meeting until Jan in Savannah. Contact me if you have any questions.