Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Caneberry summer chores

See link below for the Summer issue of the SRSFC newsletter

  • Some highlights include a new webinar on blackberry production, hosted by the UArk.
  • A new plant pathologist at UGA, Dr. Jonathan Oliver
  • A new southern growers Grape Blog.

A reminder....
As  we approach the end of harvest season for floricane blackberry, the work is not over and now is the time to pay attention to next years crop:
1. remove spent floricanes to open up the canopy to minimize disease spread
2. give plants a deep watering, they are building roots and buds for next season
3. apply 10-30 lb N, the sooner the better, you want some growth now, but not later in the fall.
3. apply pesticides for late season pests (some of the common ones are cane blight, crown borer and  late rusts