Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hurricane Dorian

It is September and we have another hurricane headed to NC.

Here are some things that can be done before the storm:

IF YOU ARE IN AN AREA WITH HIGH PREDICTED WINDS: You should consult with your tunnel manufacturer to determine how much wind your tunnels can withstand. Removing or skinning the plastic off the tunnels  is a whole lot less costly than having the entire tunnel mangled.

IF YOU HAVE A SHIFT OR ROTATING ARM TRELLIS: Lay the trellis in the horizontal or down position and make sure it can stay in that position. Some trellises do not have the capability to lock in the horizontal position. If that is the case, it may be better in the upright position.

TUNNELS.  Skin or remove plastic. The structures are less likely to blow away with plastic removed. 

POTENTIAL FOR ELEVATED DISEASES: Canes if properly trellised should not lodge as a result of the wind and rain. However, there may be some physical damage to canes. Make sure you walk your fields before and after the storm. There may be a need to do some extra pruning and use of a fungicide if you can get out into the field after the storm.  See the SRSFC for recommended chemicals for disease control before (for cane blight) and after the storm. https://smallfruits.org/files/2019/06/Caneberry-Spray-Guide.pdf

After the hurricane passes:

There may be some soils that have flooded. Here is some information from a previous post from Cornell University. Since most of the berry crops have already been harvested, we are primarily concerned with flooded fields effects on roots.


Field day in NC mountains

The NC Commercial Blackberry and Raspberry Assocation Field Day is next week. Register now with the link below!