Wednesday, May 30, 2012

White (grey or tan) drupelets

In the last few days I have had several calls and emails from growers concerned about white drupelets. Here are a few points that I have gleaned from experience and other articles (see links at the end of the post).
  • It is thought that this condition is caused by UV radiation and appears when there has been an sudden increase in temperatures.
  • Rainfall appears to make the problem worse, with sunlight on wet berries plus high temperatures. (We have had quite a bit rain in parts of NC lately).
  • This was thought to be a result of stinkbug damage many years ago. BUT not now.
  • Apache shows more of this problem than any other variety, but white drupelets have been seen on most of the Arkansas varieties. 
  • Tolerance for white drupelet varies to some extent by grower. Growers that ship berries have no tolerance, while pick-your-own growers can tolerate a few white drupelets (see last point, educate your clientele).
  • White drupelet disorder is usually a problem early in the season and then disappears.
  • The berries are still edible, they make delicious pies, juice, ice cream...

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