Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Budbreak 2013

Black raspberry bud 14 March 2013. 
Navaho bud 14 March 2013. 
Prime-Ark 45 bud 14 March 2013
Von bud 14 March 2013

Budbreak on this first day of spring appears to be holding off due to the cooler temperatures we have been experiencing in NC. These pictures were taken at the Sandhills Research Station last week by my student, CM Bradish. Only Prime-Ark 45 is showing any signs of green leaves.

I was looking at the Team Rubus blog post from last year and see that in March (10th), at the CEFS pruning demonstration, blackberry buds were a bit tighter, but not much.

No budbreak at this time is a good thing. We have accumulated plenty of chilling and once it gets warm, these buds will grow quickly. We don't need a repeat of 12 April 2012 when flower buds were killed by low temperatures.

If you have time to take some pictures and send them to me (labeled with variety and date photo taken), it would be great to have a snapshot in time from various locations, to see how the crop is developing.

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  1. Have been happy this year to see my blackberries still dormant - we lost 95% last year - On March 15th, we had a "cotton field" of blackberry blooms then that horrible night of April 12. Here in North Georgia, we are at this same stage of growth so far. Yippee! Thank you Mother Nature for somewhat of a winter this year.