Monday, May 20, 2013

What will your raspberry and blackberry prices be in 2013?

I am posting the content below to increase the number of responses. This note was written by Debby Wechsler, the Executive Secretary of the North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association.

"The North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association is conducting a survey of growers' prices for their raspberries and blackberries, especially focusing on those growers who sell direct to the public, either pick-your-own or at farm stands and farmers markets. We also ask about wholesale on a small scale, perhaps to other farm stands or local restaurants, as wholesale prices on a larger scale are pretty much beyond individual growers' control.

If you are a grower: please visit, and fill out our quick and easy price survey.  This is a quick and easy way for us to collect this information.  

If you don't yet know 2013 prices, report 2012 prices or give your best guess.
If you absolutely hate online surveys, you can email the NARBA office with your information. Remember, for each price, we need to know the type of berry, unit size, and whether already picked or or PYO.

Please respond by June 3,

If you are an extension person, please invite other growers you work with to participate in the survey.

All responses are confidential and no farm will be identified by name. A report of the survey will be published in the June issue of The Bramble, NARBA's newsletter. Non-members who respond will receive the report by email.

Thank you for participating!"

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