Monday, July 21, 2014

Blackberry flowers to fruit: most fruit ripe or picked! (as of July 17)

For each cultivar, we tagged 5 flowers in the same field. As the season progressed, we had wind damage, picker damage and other sorts of damage. So in most cases, we ended up with less than 5 ripe fruit.  

As of July 17, most of the fruit we labeled in the field has been harvested. Only 2 Von samples were still in the field. 

Based on our guesstimates* of harvest dates, the number of days from flower to fruit are:

Natchez 51
Osage 44
Ouachita 51
Navaho 51
Von 58

* these are based on only 3-4 flowers, so what you may see in your field may vary. 

Thanks to Abby Whitaker and Daniel Shires for their help with data collection and taking pictures on all these dates. 

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