Friday, February 6, 2015

Rubus Throw Back Thursday - a day late

NC State University Libraries maintains a collection of rare and unique digital images. While looking through the archives for some images of blackberry production in the state,  (I wanted them to help promote the upcoming Rubus and Ribes Symposium)  I only found raspberries. 

So, I only have raspberry fruit and production images to share here. Maybe some of you know someone, who used to know someone that may have grown these berries?  

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Crates of picked raspberries

Raspberry planting in Catawba [County], July 1935, by H. R. Niswonger; Raspberry planting of C. F. Sietz, Catawba [County] and crates of raspberries ready for the market. Planting one year old and 1st year picking. Over 100 crates (24 1/2 pints) were picked from this 1/2 acre planting.

J. F. Pressley's latham red raspberry planting, July, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Pressley and son being instructed in method of filling the half pint cup with raspberries for the market. Planting one year old and first picking

On acre red raspberry field, grown by D. R. Moore, 1934 

This field will represent a little better than the average growth and care given by the farmers who are cooperating in the 400 acre commercial raspberry project. Plants set in January 1934. Cultural practice consists of fert. with manure chicken droppings, nitrate of soda and clean cultivation

 One of the acre red raspberry fields in Burke County, 1934

Part of the 400 acre commercial project. Plant set in January 1934. This growth made by constant cultivation and fertilization with nitrate of soda and stable manure

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