Monday, July 2, 2012

Navaho and it's amazing basal buds produce a crop after a freeze

Navaho blackberry plant. Upper oval shows fruit on a primary bud from a floricane, flowers were damaged by the April freeze and few fruit developed. Lower oval shows fruit from a basal bud, where abundant fruit is ripening. 
Each year I continue to learn more about the amazing blackberry plant. Last week I visited a farm in western NC. The farm had experienced the same cold spell that many of the growers had during the April 10-12 night freezes. Nearly all of the flowers from the primary buds that were present sustained damage. In the photo above, the smaller oval at the top of the picture shows what remains of the crop from those primary buds. The lower oval shows fruit that has come from basal buds. Each year Navaho sends out some basal buds, but this year, there were many more basal buds and the grower will be able to realize a much better crop than had been expected from just the primary buds.

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