Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ramon Returns!

Seminar Wed July 11, 2:00, 121 Kilgore Hall, NCSU campus

Ramón Molina-Bravo got his PhD from North Carolina State in the Department of Horticultural Science in 2009 under the advisory of Gina Fernandez and Bryon Sosinski. Currently, Ramón is working at the National University of Costa Rica as a visiting professor teaching courses in genetics and biotechnology and is in charge of coordinating research projects at the Molecular Biology Unit in the School of Agrarian Sciences. He is involved in several research projects in genetics, two of which have been setting the foundations for establishing a blackberry breeding program in Costa Rica.

Ramon was my PhD student and while he was working here in NCSU,  he coined the term "Team Rubus"  for our research group. Rubus is the genus name for blackberries, raspberries and related species. We are forever indebted to him for coming up with this clever name. We are proud that he has remained a part of Team Rubus.

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